Reading the New Testament

Picture of Tablet, phone and hardcopy of Bible opened to New Testament title page

By Mark J Ward

In our series on Spiritual Exercise, we are looking at things we can do that will be of spiritual benefit for our souls. We are just starting, so please check back for more “workout routines” for our consideration!

In this post, we will be adding some assistance to the Read the New Testament in a Month exercise routine. The challenge is to try to read through the New Testament each month, as part of a good workout routine (for those who can and will).

I recommend reading a different translation each month, always recognizing that when we depart from “word-for-word” translations, we are getting a somewhat “diluted, or not as accurate a translation”. For example, The New Living Translation is an admitted “paraphrase” by the translation committee and publishers of that version of the Bible.

KING JAMES VERSION New Testament Audio
(public domain)

Since the King James Version is in the public domain (no copyright permissions need to be granted by the copyright holders) we will start with it this month (Nov 2020). You will find links below to audio files (read rather quickly with a few hiccups along the way). It is recommended that you follow along with a KJV (via a smart device or hardcopy Bible).

A monthly schedule is given at this link (CLICK HERE) and the audio files roughly mimic some of that schedule. I hope to get an RSS feed (if beneficial) for series files such as this for this site.

I welcome your thoughts, comments and prayers for this effort.

Reading 1 KJV Audio (Matthew 1-5)
Reading 2 KJV Audio (Matthew 6-9)
Reading 3 KJV Audio (Matthew 10-12)
Reading 4 KJV Audio (Matthew 13-15)
Reading 5 KJV Audio (Matthew 16-19)
Reading 6 KJV Audio (Matthew 20-22)
Reading 7 KJV Audio (Matthew 23-25)
Reading 8 KJV Audio (Matthew 26-28)
Reading 9 KJV Audio (Mark 1-4)
Reading10 KJV Audio (Mark 5-6)
Reading11 KJV Audio (Mark 7-9)
Reading12 KJV Audio (Mark 10-12)
Reading 13 KJV Audio (Mark 13-15)
Reading 14 KJV Audio (Mark16)
Reading 15 KJV Audio (Luke 1-2)
Reading16 KJV Audio (Luke 3-4)
Reading17 KJV Audio (Luke 5-6)
Reading18 KJV Audio (Luke 7-8)
Reading 19 KJV Audio (Luke 9-end)
Reading KJV Audio (John 1-4)
Reading KJV Audio (John 5-7)
Reading KJV Audio (John 8-10)
Reading KJV Audio (John 11-13)
Reading KJV Audio (John 14- end)
Reading KJV Audio (Acts 1- )
Reading KJV Audio (Romans 1- )
Reading KJV Audio (1 Corinthians 1- )
Reading KJV Audio (2 Corinthians 1- )
Reading KJV Audio (Galatians 1- )
Reading KJV Audio (Ephesians 1- )
Reading KJV Audio (Philippians 1- )
Reading KJV Audio (Colossians 1- )

Thanks so much for reading/listening!!! – mjw

AUDIO FILES – KJV New Testament