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Dumbell weights in the form of a cross representative of spiritual exercise for Christ and our soul

Spiritual Exercise…(1)

by Mark J Ward We are only 2 months, Lord willing, away from “New Year’s resolutions”! How many of us have made many in the past? How many have lasted more than the 21 days some experts say is necessary to form a “habit” (i.e. practice, routine, repeatable action)? WHY do we even wait until […]

Are We Ready?

Have you ever been to a funeral? If not, what about visiting a gravesite? It is quite sobering to just spend some time in a cemetery and wonder about the lives of all the people, small and great, from all walks of life, who have been buried in caskets in the earth, interred in a […]

father leading family in Bible study

Father knows best…

Back in 1949, a radio series called Father Knows Best aired on NBC Radio. Later, in 1954, the television series debuted on CBS and ran for one year and was canceled. Then after a year, the series was picked up by NBC where it remained for three seasons. After a second cancellation, in 1958, the […]