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the words Zeal and Knowledge are the title of this post

Zeal & Knowledge…

By Mark J Ward The sermon on “Zeal and Knowledge” was presented at the Walnut Street church in Jesup, GA on Sunday, February 28, 2021. An associated study guide was prepared after the sermon was delivered and can be accessed by the link below the audio player. Thanks for considering the teaching and taking the […]

Examining Conversions to Christ

By Mark J Ward The following sermon (audio) was presented on February 7, 2021, at the Walnut Street church of Christ in Jesup, GA. The lesson was designed to look at what the Bible really teaches about conversions to Christ (i.e. becoming a new testament Christian the way God determined in Scripture). Please give the […]

Image of Scales with Questions marks over both sides to indicate choices or decisions

Choices in Life…

By Mark J Ward This lesson is based upon an article written several years ago, “Peanut Butter Religion”. There is a copy of it elsewhere at this site for your consideration. We have so many choices, of great importance and consequence in our lives! How do we approach such life-impacting decisions? One easy solution (well, […]

Dumbell weights in the form of a cross representative of spiritual exercise for Christ and our soul

Spiritual Exercise…(1)

by Mark J Ward We are only 2 months, Lord willing, away from “New Year’s resolutions”! How many of us have made many in the past? How many have lasted more than the 21 days some experts say is necessary to form a “habit” (i.e. practice, routine, repeatable action)? WHY do we even wait until […]


This is a sermon with outline preached at the Walnut Street church of Christ in Jesup, GA on Sunday, October 18,2020. Please enjoy studying along, searching the Scriptures as the lesson progresses, by listening to the audio and viewing the outline available below. CLICK HERE for Handout/Outline of this lesson (pdf)